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Several studies have effected that an early pregnancy ending done with tablets are successful 95 percent of times. Misoprostol abortion pill is used by women to terminate an early pregnancy (4 to 9 weeks gestation). It has other medical uses as inducing labor, completing missed miscarriage, and treatment of gastric ulcers, endometriosis etc. The medication consists of prostaglandin analogue, and is safe way to medically end pregnancy in privacy. It is a non-surgical abortion, which can be done at home.

In ceasing a pregnancy the pill causes auterotonic motion triggering at smooth muscles tissue in myometrium. Medication pregnancy termination is cost effective compared to the invasive procedures, and does not need use of anesthesia, surgical equipments, multiple visits to hospital or heavy hospital fee. This is why women prefer to buy Misoprostol online, which can be ordered at desired address with no additional costs for effective termination of pregnancy.

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How Does Medical Abortion Occur?

When a woman uses Misoprostol abortion pill, uterus contractions develop in half an hour along with bleeding, and expelling of large blood clots. The cervix is further widened to issue out the pregnancy sections from womb.

  • The bleeding is heavier than periods, and can last about 4 to 5 hours. In this duration, the female passes out most of the pregnancy contents, including the fetal parts etc.
  • The endometrium tissue, pregnancy sac etc. are ousted from the uterus by the constant contractions. The Misoprostol /cytolog regimen ends in few hours or days.

What is Misoprostol Tablets Dosage?

Before women buy Misoprostol, they need to understand the action and effects of the drug. Here are some important details the female must know about abortion drug.

  • To end pregnancy, the medicine is taken only between 4 to 9 week gestation, and not if the gestation is over 12 weeks.
  • The person has to purchase at least 4 pills (200mcg each) of Misoprostol online, which are taken under the tongue (sublingual administration), and consumed after half an hour. 800mcg drug is consumed together.
  • This medicine has to be consumed 24 to 72 hours later to progesterone blocker dose. In case of dose intolerance, seek doctor’s help.

What Happens on Missed Dose?

As pregnancy is ended using two types of tablets, the woman must not miss out on Misoprostol abortion pill. If she misses the dose, then the risks to incomplete pregnancy termination increases. If the woman does not use at least 800mcg dose, then efficacy of cytolog regimen reduces.

What are the Effects of Overdose?

Stay away from taking overdose of Misoprostol abortion pill. An overdose can lead to too heavy bleeding, strong painful abdominal cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, headache, and other complications. If an overdose is taken, then immediate medical attention is required.

Who can take the misoprostol?

Any female who is undergoing a consented pregnancy ending can attain Misoprostol online. For teenagers, in some states, parental consent or permission of law is needed to buy Misoprostol. We offer low Misoprostol cost, so the people can receive required tablets within their budget. Only genuine and quality medications are provided.

Who cannot take Misoprostol Tablets?

Women allergic to the medications for ceasing pregnancy, diabetic, having cardiovascular complications, bleeding disorders, adrenal failure, liver/kidney disorders, ectopic pregnancy, high blood pressure, sexually transmitted infections/diseases etc. must not buy Misoprostol online for abortion.

What are The Misoprostol side effects?

Ahead of purchasing Misoprostol online, the person must know the possible side effects and the expected outcomes (heavy bleeding, abdomen pain because of womb contractions). The side effects to the medical regimen are nausea, vomiting, headache, tiredness, diarrhea, back ache, mild fever etc. which stop after pregnancy termination.

What are the Precautions?

There are certain cautionary indications to follow before and after the use of Misoprostol abortion pill which are listed as follows:

  • If women are breastfeeding, then they must not buy Misoprostol for ending pregnancy, as the medicines affect the child on breastfeed by causing diarrhea. Avoid breastfeeding until the regimen concludes.
  • Get the intrauterine contraceptive device (if inserted) removed prior to medical pregnancy termination.
  • The woman must see a doctor if she soaks through more than 2 sanitary napkins in 2 hours of taking the Misoprostol tablets. It is simple to keep track of the bleeding by using thick and large sanitary pads.

What to Avoid During Pregnancy Termination?

Do not smoke or drink alcohol when on medication pregnancy ending regimen. Only buy Misoprostol for ending pregnancy and not against sexually transmitted disease or contraception. Dirty objects or dangerous means must not be utilized to induce pregnancy termination.

What are the Signs of a Successful Abortion?

Once the pregnancy parts are removed from uterus by Misoprostol /cytolog medicines, the bleeding reduces. It settles for only mild spotting or light bleeding after 14 days of regimen. If the bleeding is still heavy, chills/fever last more than 24 hours, or recurrent pain exists, then the woman must see a doctor soon. Visit a clinic for uterus ultrasound to know if the pregnancy termination was successful. If the medicines fail, then surgical termination is used.

Where to Buy Misoprostol Online without Prescription?

Our internet pharmacy offers authentic medicines for pregnancy termination. If women wish to buy Misoprostol online, all they have to do is register with us, add the product to the cart and order the medicine on an address. Compared to local medical stores, hospitals, and other online pharmacies, we offer the cheapest Misoprostol cost. Our website has product information, discounts on Misoprostol cost, reviews to help females understand the medical abortion procedure, and take an informed decision. Customer service is available 24*7 for any queries.


yellow staryellow staryellow staryellow staryellow star On a personal note, having a pregnancy termination tablets was something that best suited me. I used 1 Mifepristone and 4 Misoprostol tablets that came at mind blowing price. I took the pills at home and was satisfied throughout.

- Samirah Olijve

yellow staryellow staryellow staryellow staryellow star Misoprostol tablets were very easy to use. I could take the pills at home, and the product came at very inexpensive price. Thank god I had considered medication pregnancy termination than surgery.

- Dudu Sambo

yellow staryellow staryellow staryellow staryellow star A day’s interval was so when cramping kicked in, but pain occurred on using Misoprostol. I even got thirsty due to chalky taste and drank like gallon of water to get rid of the feeling. Two hours passed, still no bleeding and I started getting worried. I immediately contacted live chat and they reassured me. Then I had to rush to pee and saw few clots pop out, which was the victory moment, 3.26PM to be exact! Yes the abortion had begun. Then the bleeding got thicket and heavier, I almost sat down on pot for good few hours before I could hit the bed, and have something to eat. It was all simple, except the in-moment vomiting, and bit of a headache.

- Selene Hermes

yellow staryellow staryellow staryellow staryellow star Getting abortion pill was nothing less than hassle, the doctor would ask questions and neighbors would gossip. So I thought I would make it easy, and bought Mifepristone and Misoprostol online. And! No one had a clue, while I was at home and got my pregnancy terminated. Pretty effective.

- Louella Paulissen

yellow staryellow staryellow staryellow staryellow star Sharing my experience on Misoprostol abortion – Started with tablets on course of termination, and bleed a bit heavily for few hours. I had the sanitary napkins ready for use. Then began cramping quite immediately, and before I knew, I felt the clots plop out. The pain ceased greatly. 14 days down the regimen, I was sure I expelled all the pregnancy parts. But, I went in for follow up visit to doctor anyways. Got a clean chit!

- Phyllis Collins
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