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Buy cytolog online Abortion pill

An unwanted pregnancy can be brought to an end with Misoprostol generic tablets. These are used to expel fetus from uterus, emptying the womb of the pregnancy parts. Women can buy cytolog online, and conduct the medical abortion procedure at home, with or without assistance. The medication must be followed after a day or two from the consumption of anti-progesterone tablets. Users are required to note cytolog dosage indications and precautions prior to the onset of pregnancy ending process.

Cytolog - 200mg

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Working of cytolog Abortion pill

The earlier used anti-progesterone already ends fetus and breaks pregnancy parts. But, to evict the fetus from uterus, women need to buy cytolog pills for pregnancy termination. Misoprostol containing tablets generate auterotonic motion. This mechanism causes contractions at smooth muscle tissues of myometrium. The uterine cervix gets dilated with and its mucus alters in thickness. cytolog Abortion pill makes the womb to expel fetal remains and complete the abortion.

  • The contractions in womb develop within 30 minutes of taking abortion pills. The severity of convulsions depends of the gestation period and dosage. A female can experience uterine seizures for around 4 to 5 hours from consuming cytolog tablets.
  • Users will go through abdominal cramps when womb begins to contract. The pain can be mild to moderate, and goes away when medication action ceases.
  • When pregnancy parts are being removed from the uterus, the female will bleed vaginally. The bleeding can be heavy. It also consists of fetus sections, which may or may not be visible in large clots.

cytolog Dosage for Abortion

Cheap Misoprostol tablets can be obtained from pharmacies. The course of cytolog tablets has to be initiated within 36 to 48 hours of taking progesterone blockers. Buy cytolog online at least 4 to 12 tablets (as required) of 200mcg each. These can be taken either orally or vaginally. Users must not intake alcohol, interacting medications, or smoke during cytolog dosage cycle.

  • The most preferred mode of administration is oral, wherein 4 pills are taken under tongue, left to dissolve for 30 minutes. After 3 hours, another 4 tablets are consumed similarly. More 4 pills are ingested for the third time after 3 hours interval from the last dosage in sublingual or buccal fashion.
  • A safe dose for a day is cytolog 800mcg (upper limit). If intolerance is noticed, then dose can be reduced or doctor’s consultation is recommended. Those allergic to Misoprostol should not buy cytolog online for abortion.
  • Women with ectopic pregnancy must not consume cytolog, but consider vacuum aspiration process. Only those who are in 4 to 9 weeks of gestation with must take cytolog online dose for ceasing pregnancy.

Side Effects of cytolog Abortion pill

Tablets that have Misoprostol can cause few side effects (differing as per the dosage, usage and treatment indications). Those taking cytolog pills for ending pregnancy will face vaginal bleeding and abdominal cramps. These side effects perish after the medication washes out from the system or when pregnancy termination completes. If the woman exceeds cytolog dosage for abortion, she may experience severe abdominal pain.

  • Besides these consequences, the user may encounter diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, headache, breast tenderness, dizziness, mood swings, fatigue, appetite loss and restlessness.
  • Bleeding can be heavy, which may bring weakness, but end pregnancy effectively. Those with extreme heavy bleeding must consult physician for anti-coagulants or an alternate procedure.
  • Rare repercussions to cytolog procedure are chills, fever, anxiety, allergic reactions, uterine infection, irritation on uterus walls, blood clots inside womb etc. On serious complications, surgical method must be considered.

cytolog Abortion Precautions

Preparing for pregnancy termination is as important as the process itself. The woman, if unsure of gestation length, must meet a doctor to get womb ultrasound to know the pregnancy age. Before females buy cytolog online, they should understand the possibility of side effects, and emergency care (if needed). If she has exceeded the duration of 12 weeks gestation, then alternate methods for abortion should be considered.

  • Misoprostol formulated pills are in contraindication with hypersensitivity to prostaglandins, glaucoma, bronchial asthma, hormone dependent doses, lactation, antacids, aspirin, arthritis medication, gastro-intestinal medicines, vitamins, other prostaglandins, and cardiovascular/liver/kidney/lungs etc diseases.
  • Women who are breastfeeding must not buy cytolog online for consumption, as the ingredients get transferred to the breast milk and affects the child. If the consumer still wishes to continue with the tablets, then she must stop breastfeeding, until she recovers from pregnancy termination.
  • before taking cytolog dosage for abortion, the woman has to get the intrauterine contraceptive device removed. Instance of extra-uterine (ectopic) pregnancy cannot be eliminated with medications.
What are Other Medical Uses of Prostaglandins?

The Misoprostol tablets are used to induce pregnancy ending in first trimester, complete a failed miscarriage or in surgical procedure, wherein the tablet can be taken to widen cervix. Women can also buy cytolog online to regularize menstrual cycle, treat gastric ulcers, lessens secretion from hydrochloric acidity and gastro liquid, provides cyto-protective motion etc.

What happens if the Dosage is missed?

After anti-progesterone intake, if Misoprostol tablets are not consumed within 36-48 hours, then there are risks to incomplete abortion. Moreover, the user can experience uterine pain and other complications. Thus, the user must strictly follow cytolog dosage for abortion as doctor indicates to avoid complications.


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