How To Avoid Infections After Abortion

Pregnancy termination refers to voluntary abortion. When it is performed under proper medication supervision within the safe tm period, it is one of the safest processes. But, there is always a risk of infection. Some factors intensified this risk. In few cases infections may develop after pregnancy termination. Pelvic inflammatory disease is one of the most serious complications. Therefore, it is essential to keep observing the signs of such infections and contact/visit a physician as early as they appear.


Shun infections post abortion:

One should know that despite of whatever steps you take, all medication process takes some risks. But, there are a number of steps, which you can take to avoid infections after a pregnancy termination. These are as follows:

  • Ensure that somebody is with you when you go for pregnancy termination. Whether you are using the surgical or medical method, more likely a woman might feel dizzy and maybe even slightly nauseous; therefore, you require a support person.
  • Monitor your own tempt. So that you can take prompt steps if you see symptoms of chills and fever.
  • Bleeding will take place after a pregnancy termination. Ensure to take all these medicines. Incomplete dosage can cause serious complications later on.
  • Intake of alcohol and tobacco or recreational use of medicines must be strictly avoided after a pregnancy termination. They hamper the effectiveness of the medicines given after a termination of pregnancy. Your body cannot get well its ability to fight infections and the risks rises.
  • Bubble baths, tub bath, and swimming must be avoided after the procedure till you get your next menstrual period. Caffeine is also to be drunk in moderation. They are key factors resulting into post operative infection.
  • You must know that repeated abortion performs their own risks. The uterus may be injured, informing scars that render you unproductive. The cervix becomes much loose and this really rises the opportunities of miscarriage in a later pregnancy which is wanted. Repeated surgical process increases the risk of all types of infections. Thus, it is advised that you use effective birth control measures to avoid unwanted pregnancies rather than repeatedly opting for abortion.
  • At last, depression or other psychological problems may take place after pregnancy termination. You may then ignore to take the precautions or appropriate medicine. This is why you must choose for counseling after a pregnancy termination as it would enable you to take good care of yourself physically and mentally too.