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We are not only a certified online pharmacy for abortion pill, but on a journey to ensure well being to every woman choosing an early end to her pregnancy. Many regions are not capable of offering affordable abortion pill online on time. This causes disastrous effects on women who want to let go of unwanted pregnancy and plan their parenthood. The major tablets for the procedure are Mifepristone and Misoprostol, which are available in their generic form and under various brands with us.

Our holistic experience with doctors, patients and traders, have brought us here with the motive in allowing females to buy abortion pill online at any point of time. We always trade with reliable sellers who are legally licensed, housing superior medicines. End of pregnancy should be carried in the first 9 weeks of gestation. Thus, we understand that time is a prime factor in the process. Our delivery method for medicines focuses on reaching you the medicines as soon as possible.

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Apart from being trustable pharmacy store, offering FDA approved pills, and customer health motivated, there are some important reasons why you buy abortion pill online.

  • Cost Effective: We are not here to charge you in excess to make money on MTP Kit. But our concern is your health during early pregnancy and the later termination of the embryo. Our management wants to reach medicines at the lowest cost, so that it is affordable for every woman.
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Abortion pills - mifepristone and misoprostol

With medical abortion medicines, you can achieve a guaranteed success of ending first semester embryo growth of 7 to 12 weeks. Buy abortion pill online at a very affordable cost. Consume progesterone blocking tablet orally on first day.The uterus containing pregnancy parts will come loose and break as the anti-progesterone action leaves out oxygen and essential nutrients to from fetus, stopping its advancement. Purchase Misoprostol online pills and place under your tongue, enabling them to melt. This abortion pill ushers contractions for womb and uterus, removing the embryo. You will receive these pregnancy parts out from body through vaginal bleeding. Mild headache, tiredness, dizziness and vomiting may be the consequences during process. On day 14, meet doctor to know the result of medical abortion.

Working of Abortion Pills

On the first day, take orally a Mifeprex (Mifepristone) pill. It is anti-progesterone, a needed hormone in forming embryo placenta and sac. The embryo gets no oxygen supply and nutrition to sustain life, which puts a stop to its growth. Gradually the lining of uterus collides and breaks. Thus, the fetus is already on its way to exit. The next day a gap of 24 hours, 2 or 3 days (as directed by doctor), adjust Misoprostol tablet under your tongue’s cavity. The soft space there helps dissolve the ingredients, while effects by causing womb cramps to expunge embryo and the other pregnancy parts from uterus with vaginal bleeding. Within 4 to 8 hours, or few days, your fetus will be terminated successfully.

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Our pharmacy is very particular about quality of medicines. Thus, we only permit legal and FDA approved abortion pills online that meet the WHO standards. For MTP Kit buy online, be assured of efficient functioning of it and the abortion pill. Each ingredient of the pill is articulated to deliver to its aim- ending pregnancy cautiously. If you have any queries, contact our customer care for a prompt answer. We also encourage you to provide feedback about the products and service.

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Bringing a pregnancy to an immediate stop is nothing less than a risk, if undertaking illegal medicines or not following the required guidelines. But as our pharmacy site is equipped with result oriented attitude, the medicines are also effective to cease existence of pregnancy parts very safely. Our store caters affordable Mifepristone, Mifeprex, Misoprostol, MTP Kit, abortion pill, Cytolog, and Generic RU-486. These are all necessary medicines needed to halt an early pregnancy. We make sure that relevant details of the products are addressed to you for the benefit of your health.


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Ending a pregnancy with a combination of two medicines (Mifepristone, Misoprostol) is known as the abortion pill. These medicines can be taken, if a woman is 4 to 9 weeks pregnant i.e. within 63 days of gestation (counted from the date of the last period cycle). In some nations, these medicines can be used up to 49 days of gestation, while some may allow the use of product until 12 weeks of pregnancy. However, it is suggested that those who want abortion after 9 weeks of pregnancy, should choose the in-clinic method i.e. surgical curettage or vacuum aspiration.

The abortion pill can be administered in clinic or at home. Generally, Mifepristone can be taken at home, while the female may select Misoprostol consumption under observation in a hospital. The medication pregnancy ending regimen has been successful 97 times out of 100. The woman will need to visit a doctor for a follow-up physical examination after 2 weeks of consuming Misoprostol to confirm outcome to pregnancy ending procedure.

The woman needs an ultrasound for her fetus, which will clarify the length of pregnancy (number of weeks in gestation) and fetus’s health. Few other tests related to blood, hormones, cardiovascular health etc. may be performed to affirm, if the female can take medicines for ending her pregnancy. With intake of Cytotec tablets, the pregnancy sections will successfully be expelled from the uterus.

Heavy blood loss can be expected, which is more than that in menstrual cycle. The user should not consume alcohol or smoke during regimen. By consuming Mifepristone, the embryo will stop in growth. Anti-progesterone activity will assure that pregnancy parts disengage from uterine walls. After three days or as recommended by physician, take Misoprostol to terminate pregnancy completely.

Misoprostol can be taken vaginally or orally in sublingual manner (keeping medicines under the tongue). As advised by doctor, you can use these tablets either after the 1st day of taking Mifepristone or latter by 2 or 3 days. The medicines contain 200mcg dosage each unit or dose may be altered as per physician’s direction. The ingredients of the medication are Food and Drug Administration approved. After intake of these pills, woman will experience womb contractions, which will make it evict the pregnancy particles, unaffecting internal organs.

The fetus parts and pregnancy materials will emerge from vagina with bleeding. Painful abdominal cramps may continue until the medication regimen is over. The woman can contact hospital in case of complications and emergencies. She should have the needed transportation to visit the clinic or contact someone for help. However, Misoprostol has been said to deliver end of pregnancy without harmful effects in few days at about 90% of times.

If abortion is legal in a nation, then the required medicines should be available on prescription at pharmacies or health organizations that are officially allowed to dispense the same. Otherwise, it is possible to make purchase of Misoprostol, Cytotec online from licensed pharmacies offering FDA approved medicines. Understand the requirements and precautions of the regimen before buying the product. However, a female should not consume this pill if breast feeding.

Get 12 pills of Misoprostol (200mcg each) that are original and not fake. Some regions sell Misoprostol without prescription as well. As this medicine is used in treating other diseases, the user can purchase these under the pretext of availing treatment for that health condition without being able to afford doctor’s consultation. During the recovery duration, it is suggested to abhor from intercourse given risks to infections.

To confirm a successful and harmless pregnancy termination with medicines, the woman should not have serious health issues related to heart, lungs, kidney, liver, pelvis etc. Surgical abortion is recommended if an intrauterine device in place or ectopic pregnancy. She should speak to doctor for further options, if health issues like severe anemia, blood infection, weak immune system etc. exists. Only intake prescribed dosage of Misoprostol, and do not try overdosing.

Never self-inflict abortion through dirty objects; instruments etc. as it will endanger health and create complications, even amounting to death. Ending a pregnancy alone is not advisable if health issues persist. If allergic to medicine ingredients, the female should consider alternate for medication pregnancy ending procedure. Be honest about medical history with doctor and visit for regular consultation whenever necessary to avoid complications. Ask for assistance during the medicinal method, if needed.

Vaginal bleeding and abdominal cramps are part of pregnancy ending procedure. However, serious and life-threatening infections, bleeding and other issues do not occur for medical abortion, vacuum aspiration or childbirth. Failure by Misoprostol in causing fetus removal from womb is very rare, and affected complications are even rarer. But, severe health issues if experienced should be met with immediate medical care.

If affected by fever of 100.4°F or more continuing for a greater than 4 hours, then get medical help. Vaginal bleeding as heavy as to drench two full sized thick sanitary parts for consequent two hours can be considered for medical assistance. Surgical abortion will be needed if too much of heavy bleeding happens or if Misoprostol fails.

Contact health provider if excessive weakness, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, fever for greater than 24 hours occurs after consuming Misoprostol. These can be symptoms of pregnancy in fallopian tubes or serious infection. Produce medication guide procured for Misoprostol to the doctor.

The normal consequences of medication pregnancy termination are painful abdominal cramps, heavy vaginal bleeding, blood clots from vagina, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, chills, fever, fatigue, headache and mood swings. Severity of any of these symptoms may ask for doctor’s help. Misoprostol can interact with few other medicines causing decreased effectiveness of its mechanism or complications. Thus, it is best to know all the possible interactions this medicine can produce with other supplements. Discontinue other medicines during abortion procedure, if asked by doctor.

If using Misoprostol after 12 weeks or pregnancy or in overdose, serious side effects can eventuate. Odorous vaginal discharge, continuous fever for few hours, tremendous bleeding and weakness can signal infection or other health issues. Thus, seek medical assistance in such cases. However, these conditions will only occur in rare scenarios, seen only for 1 in 100 women undergoing medication regimen for ending pregnancy.

Undergoing an abortion can entail several psychological distresses like feeling of guilt, stress, depression etc., if the decision was a hard call or taken due to some complications. The consequences differ from person to person. Some women do not experience any of these symptoms. However, if needed, a woman seeking medical abortion can consult a counselor to prepare for the procedure. This measure will help the female in dealing with emotional response during the process, if any.

After ingesting Misoprostol, vaginal bleeding begins. However, normal menstrual cycle should take at least 4 to 8 weeks to regain normalcy. If the female wishes to get pregnant after abortion, she can do so, after considering safety precautions as discussed with the doctor. These medicines do not lead to future infertility, child deformities or complicated pregnancy.

A woman can get medical abortion at Planned Parenthood clinics or recognized hospital where legal abortion is conducted. Purchasing Misoprostol online and administrating it at home can be done, if no serious health issues exist. However, required consultation with doctor prior and after pregnancy termination is necessary for safety measures. The complete regimen can cost you similar to vacuum aspiration, depending upon the expenditure for examinations, tests, clinical visits and others.

If you buy these medicines from a reputed internet pharmacy, perhaps the medication cost will be lower given discounts and other benefits. But, it is suggested to only make purchase online, if the provider is dispensing FDA approved products. Do not undertake any unsafe methods for ending pregnancy. Contact a healthcare provider for necessary help.

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- Angelica Menezes

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